About Us

XploSafe established in Stillwater Oklahoma, is a provider of critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. Our products protect people that deal with unstable and hazardous compounds.

Primary improvised homemade explosives (HMEs) and explosive ingredients are a big problem in warzones and in the home front. The underwear bomber, the shoe bomber and the London subway bombings are examples of this problem. There is not a single solution that is quick, effective and scalable to detect these HMEs. Similarly certain organic compounds can become explosive due to formation of peroxides over time. These unstable and hazardous compounds have led to deaths and millions in property damage.

XploSafe’s first product line is XploSens, used for trace detection of primary improvised explosives. The product works by dramatically changing its color in the presence of peroxide, chlorate based explosives and strong oxidizers. XploSens provides one step, real-time, onsite detection of improvised explosives. Customers include bomb squads, first responders, the Transportation Security Administration and military and security personnel.

XploSafe’s second product is XPell, which works by eliminating peroxide formation in organic solvents. XPell allows for the proper management of peroxide-forming solvents, reduces chemical costs, improves reactions and analyses, and mitigates the hazards of peroxide-related incidents. XPell is the only product in the market that provides a visual indication of the solvent’s status (safe or unsafe). XPell customers include university research labs, analytical labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, university environmental health and safety departments, and chemical suppliers and manufacturers that use ethers and alcohols.


To create safe environments through chemical detection and neutralization.


XploSafe is focused on conducting ground breaking research and commercializaing pragmatic solutions.


All XploSafe solutions are manufactured in our facilities in Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Dr. Allen Apblett - Co-Founder, President

Allen Apblett received a B.S. (Honours) degree from The University of New Brunswick in 1984 and then graduate school at The University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Tristam Chivers where he received a Ph.D. in March 1989. He was awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship that he took up at Harvard University in Dr. Andrew Barron’s research group. In 1991 he became an assistant professor at Tulane University and then moved to Oklahoma State University in 1997.  He has published over 86 scientific papers or book chapters, made over 100 presentations in the past 7 years, and graduated 15 Ph.D. and 7 M.S. students. Among the awards that Dr. Apblett has received are the ACS Environmental Division Certificate of Merit, nomination as a member of Project Kaleidoscope’s Faculty for the 21st Century, a Mortar Board Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Governor General of Canada’s Medal, and a Lilly Endowment Teaching Fellowship and OSU’s College of Arts and Science Junior Faculty Excellence in Research Award.

Dr. Nick Materer - Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Nick Materer received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990.  In 1995 he received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley under the guidance of Professor Gabor Somorjai and Dr. Michel Van Hove.  After UC Berkeley, he was offered a postdoctoral fellow position in the group of Stephen R. Leone at JILA and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado.  In 1998, Dr. Materer became a faculty member in the department of chemistry at Oklahoma State University and was promoted to the Associate Professor level in the summer of 2004.  His research involves experimental surface science studies of interfacial chemistry and physics.  Ongoing projects are exploration the surface chemistry of silicon with organic molecules, chemical mechanism for detection and desensitizing of explosives and corrosion sensors for our ageing infrastructure. He was recently awarded Junior Faculty Award for Scholarly Excellence at Oklahoma State University's College of Arts and Science.

Shoaib Shaikh - Co-Founder, Financial Operations Manager

Shoaib Shaikh received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Finance from Oklahoma State University – Tulsa and his MBA - Finance from Oklahoma State University in May 2009. Shoaib has leadership experience working as a Lead Business Analyst and Project Lead in the banking industry.  Additionally, he is also a trustee of The Link Education Trust.