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XploSafe is a provider of critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. Our products protect personnel that deal with unstable and
hazardous compounds. First responders, industrial safety officers and threat assessment officials represent users of our solutions. For example, you would see our products employed at security check points where an agent would test suspect objects (liquids and powders) for presence of explosives and hazardous chemicals.

Our solutions are highly differentiated and provide a high value proposition in terms of higher utility at an economical cost per use. XploSafe’s core competency is research and development so the majority of the team comprises of researchers and staff who have graduate degrees in chemistry, physics and business administration.

Our Mission: To create safe environments through chemical detection, neutralization of chemical threats, and development of green technologies for resource development and recovery.

The company leverages its core competencies and resources to provide mission critical solutions for Homeland Security, first responders, defense personnel, researchers, industrial workers, and users that handle unstable and hazardous compounds. The company focuses on product
development targeted at pragmatic applications that are reliable, efficient, and cost effective.

Our Purpose: To continually develop superior, more economical solutions which promote long-term personal and environmental health.


XploSafe is Your Solutions-Focused Resource

We are a team of explorers, inventors and industry disruptors. We develop chemistry-based solutions with a clear intent of driving costs, inefficiencies, and hassles out of the customers workflow / processes. Taking on the biggest challenges on earth and beyond we empower customers and end users to execute mission critical operations. We are inspired by an optimistic mindset that seeks to thrive in finding solutions to problems. We are a creative, resourceful, hard-working team with an aim-to-please outlook. Our team thrives in a fast-paced environment and customer success is our ultimate goal.

XploSafe Team
Shoaib headshot

Shoaib Shaikh, MBA 
CEO, Co-Founder
Financial Operations Manager

Shoaib is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in developing chemical sensors, packaging materials, and commercial-scale manufacturing, Shoaib is a technology innovator inclined towards new discoveries and high-value proposition solutions. Technologies and products developed under his leadership are used globally to address fundamental chemical safety, homeland security, and healthcare packaging challenges. Starting as a student entrepreneur, he has been fortunate in developing high-impact teams.

He enjoys travel, soccer, formula one racing, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and family.

Nicholas headshot

Nick Materer, Ph.D. 
Chief Scientific Officer

Nick Materer received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990.  In 1995 he received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley under the guidance of Professor Gabor Somorjai and Dr. Michel Van Hove.  After UC Berkeley, he was offered a postdoctoral fellow position in the group of Stephen R. Leone at JILA and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado.  In 1998, Dr. Materer became a faculty member in the department of chemistry at Oklahoma State University and was promoted to the Associate Professor level in the summer of 2004.  

His research involves experimental surface science studies of interfacial chemistry and physics.  Ongoing projects are exploration the surface chemistry of silicon with organic molecules, chemical mechanism for detection and desensitizing of explosives and corrosion sensors for our ageing infrastructure. He was recently awarded Junior Faculty Award for Scholarly Excellence at Oklahoma State University’s College of Arts and Science.


Michael Teicheira 
Operations Manager

A native of California, Michael joined the XploSafe team in 2016 at the culmination of his undergraduate college career.  He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Over the course of his time with XploSafe he has progressed from the role of Chemistry Intern up to a Production Chemist, then Senior Production Chemist, now to the Operations Manager position which he currently holds. 

His personal interest in environmental and occupational safety allows him to utilize his chemistry expertise to help develop solutions for everyday problems in an effort to make everything from the natural environment to the research laboratory a healthier, safer, and more inviting place.  His desire to develop new leaders in the STEM fields has guided him to prioritize the hiring, training, and mentorship of undergraduate STEM students, providing them with vital industrial safety training, laboratory data and record keeping expertise, and crucial analytical instrument training as they eventually progress out of the university setting and into the workforce. 

In his spare time, Michael is a Volunteer Firefighter with the Ingalls, OK Fire Department, and he owns and operates a 25-acre farm and ranch alongside his wife and son.


Evgueni Kadossov, Ph.D.
Research Scientist III

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 2004

Master’s and Bachelor’s: Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Russia, 1997/1999

Evgueni is a lead research scientist for XploSafe who enjoys leading a variety of projects at any given time. He’s proud to work at XploSafe to deliver research potential solutions for chemical safety and national security. Growing up, he used to dream of being a cosmonaut. Now, he’s excited to help develop equipment for astronauts to use in the field.

Zachary Brown
Senior Analytical Technician

Zachary Brown joined the XploSafe team in the Spring of 2023. A Stillwater native, Zach joined the XploSafe team after 7 years as a Graduate Student and Research Assistant at Oklahoma State University, working alongside Dr. Allen W. Apblett in which he specialized in the synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials for remediation of various environmental pollutants.

In his time outside of work, Zach can be found at local bakeries or exploring steakhouses all across Oklahoma, ever questing to find the perfect steak or any new and interesting baked goods, particularly whimsical and/or comically large cookies. He enjoys trading stock and spending time with his family, and he takes great pride in ensuring accurate and timely reporting of analytical laboratory results.

John R. Tidwell, Ph.D.
Research Scientist I

John R. Tidwell received a Ph.D. at Baylor University in Waco, TX in 2023. In 2018, he received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Cameron University in Lawton, OK. Prior to his undergraduate career he attended the Biomedical Academy at the Red River Technology Center in Duncan, OK while concurrently enrolling at Duncan High School and Cameron University. Post high school graduation, his undergraduate studies consisted of the analysis of crystal structures including X-ray diffraction studies with Dr. Clinton Bryan. During his graduate studies he worked with Dr. Caleb D. Martin in the synthesis and characterization of main group elements including: p-block diiminopyridine complexes, borafluorenes, and carborane containing boranes. 

John is a synthetic research scientist at XploSafe since his arrival in the summer of 2023. Outside of the lab John enjoys working on various mechanical items ranging from classic lawn tractors, ATVs, and cars to highly modified vehicles. This hobby affords him the knowledge base to repair and service a multitude of laboratory equipment as needed. John looks forward to a long-term career in Stillwater as well as his newfound family at XploSafe.


In Memoriam: Dr. Allen W. Apblett, President and Co-Founder (1962 - 2023)

Dr. Allen W. Apblett received his Ph.D. in 1989 from the University of Calgary. After a Postdoc stint at Harvard University from 1989 to 1991, he began his teaching career. He was a tenured Professor at Oklahoma State University up until the time of his passing, always proud of his large research group and plethora of graduate students. He was always eager to volunteer to serve on various faculty committees and constantly pursued mentorship roles in many professional organizations, attaining ACS Fellowship in 2013 and Fellowships with the National Academy of Inventors and the American Ceramic Society. He was published over 100 times, gave several hundred research presentations, and contributed to numerous patents during his career.

Dr. Apblett is one of the three original co-founders of XploSafe, and always took a deep sense of pride in his research endeavors, particularly his unsurpassed synthesis capabilities. His contributions to the world of chemistry will live on through countless research publications and a vast number of inventions and patents that continue to inspire novel research all over the globe.
He enjoyed traveling, fishing, hikes, and exploring, particularly within the wilderness areas of Canada.

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