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Stillwater, OK — A company specializing in explosives detection is well on its way to demonstrating how its science also can tackle an ongoing sewage-based nitrogen and phosphorous environmental hazard that plagues ponds, lakes, streams and even the Gulf of Mexico.

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A Stillwater-based company is getting rewarded for its work with chemicals and chemical safety.

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Rural State Entrepreneurs Shared Insight into SBIR Funding Process
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OCAST awards $745,000 to three winning applicants in Nanotechnology Application Projects

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) has named three successful applicants in the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Applications Project (ONAP). The winning firms will receive $745,000 collectively for research that will be completed within three years.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A last-minute reauthorization of the $2.5 billion federal Small Business Innovation Research program means the difference to companies like XploSafe between dying in their concept phase or being able to grow and add several highly trained employees, Shaikh Shoaib said.

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Projects aimed at producing smarter stop lights, improved body armor and better drug delivery systems were among the 11 research tasks awarded nearly $1.9 million on Tuesday by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST).

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The scientists at the American Chemical Society (ACS) have come up with a nanomaterial that can be sprayed on surfaces to detect and simultaneously neutralize explosives. This new material was unveiled at the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the ACS.