Phosphate-absorbing aquarium rocks.

Let's X-Out Phosphate!


PhosRox was designed as a GFO media alternative that would be compatible with your existing system. Simply fill your existing phosphate media reactor with PhosRox to stop algae growth and help to replenish magnesium levels for your healthiest system yet!


The PhosRox Advantages:


2021 EPA Green Chemistry Award Winner in the Small Business Catagory.



Long Lasting – Up to a full year of use without changing media.

Our white granules do not color leach or alter the clarity of your system!

Extremely long shelf-life! 

No special disposal is required! Toss in the trash when a change is needed. Alternatively, if you are using a freshwater aquarium, use PhosRox as a nutrient supply for your garden.


PhosRox is made to be compatible with existing GFO reactors! No need to replace your already existing system.



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