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Thermal Desorption Tube Reconditioning and Return Shipment

Any TD tube purchased from XploSafe can be reconditioned and returned for further use, assuming the media and tube itself are still in good condition.

If TD tubes are only rented from XploSafe for single-use sampling events, they can still be reconditioned and returned for further use.

Reconditioning includes a heat and nitrogen gas purge to remove any contaminants, as well as recertification that tube pressure and cleanliness meet XploSafe’s QA/QC Standards using a TD-GC/MS check run.

Non-XploSafe TD tubes can often also be reconditioned and checked by XploSafe. Please contact us at +1.405.334.4720 or via email at sales@xplsoafe.com to discuss non-XploSafe TD tube reconditioning.


Note: Reconditioned tubes do not include the analysis rate of any future XploSafe analytical lab analyses. XploSafe analytical lab charges will be charged separately for any additional analysis runs beyond those that may or may not have been included in the initial TD tube purchase/rental price.


*Displayed price is per TD tube. Please adjust quantity as needed.

**Any damaged caps may incur an additional cost if they require replacement.

Nano material reagent powder for safe and economical neutralization of peroxides in solvents and solutions

50 grams can treat up to 100 liters of solvents


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