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Explosive detection with XploSens ST – Sterile Capillary Tests are used to detect ingredients in suspect liquids meant for human consumption that can be used for manufacturing explosives, such as solutions of hydrogen peroxides or chlorates.

  • One Step detection
  • Simple and effective – Rapid and distinct color change
  • Instantaneously detects solutions containing chlorates and peroxides.
  • Detects many strong oxidizers (for example nitric acid)
  • Room Temperature storage
  • Conducts 50 tests



  • The hypochlorite ion in bleach and percarbonate in color safe bleach give a color change.
  • Ammonium solutions discolor the reagent.

Weight: 0.1 lb

Dimensions: 1.25 in × 1.25 in × 3.5 in


Dip one end of the capillary tube into the suspected solution. A rapid color change (within seconds) from dark blue to light color, typically yellow inside the capillary tube indicates the presence of a strong oxidizer such as peroxides, chlorates and bromates.


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