Airotect XCel+ Passive Dosimeter Badge (Without Pre-Paid Analysis)

The XCel+ Passive Dosimeter Badge for Diffusive Air Monitoring

  • An all-in-one dosimeter badge, capable of providing OSHA and NIOSH compliance across the widest range of industrial and chemical classes
  • Worn in the breathing zone to provide critical vapor exposure monitoring
  • Can provide both 15-minute or 8-hour passive exposure monitoring
  • AiroTect's patented Vapor Nanoconfinement Technology provides consistent analyses; >90% Recovery and >2-5x Improved Sampling
  • Enables specific chemical exposure profiles for each person, facilitating health monitoring, medical intervention, and safety compliance


SKU: 9001
Price: $75.00
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 6 in × 3 in × 1 in