All purpose heavy duty cleaner/greaser - Solid
XL-Clean is designed to remove oil, dirt, grease and other deposits from different surfaces (including wood, plastic, concrete, porcelain, and metal surfaces).
It is a special blend of surfactants, builders, degreasing agents, citrus extracts and environmentally safe organic binder.
Solid degreaser is easy to store and can be generated on demand.
• Clean drilling and oil field equipment
• Machinery and tools coated with grease or oil
• General industrial cleaning
• Kitchen equipment cleaning for grease removal
• Household cleaning - grills, grease traps, oil stains
Bike degreaser, Kitchen degreaser, Industrial cleaner, Machine shop degreaser



SKU: 9001
Price: $45.00
Weight: 2.1 lb
Dimensions: 5.5 in × 5.5 in × 2 in