Indicating Pellets for Peroxides Prevention in Akyl Ethers

XPell is a ground-breaking product that indicates and prevents the formation of peroxides in alkyl ethers. The pellets are composed of a high surface area insoluble support coated with an inorganic material that is also insoluble in organic solvents. Peroxides are continually removed via chemical reactions between the pellets and peroxide. The pellets reduce the peroxide groups resulting in an alcohol functionality and water. The water is expected to remain absorbed on the pellets. Given that long-term storage of peroxide generating solvents can result in ppm concentrations of peroxides, the organic products are expected to be much less than one ppm under normal conditions and result in negligible changes in overall solvent purity. In comparison, reagent grade diethyl ether typically contains 250 ppm BHT as inhibitor. Thus XPell is a significant improvement over solution-based stabilizers where both the inhibitor and resulting reaction products with the peroxides remain in solution.

80 grams (sufficient for treating up to 8 L of solvent)


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