XPell CE

Indicating Pellets for Peroxides Prevention in Organic Solvents

XPell CE are insoluble sensor pellets that detect and prevent the formation of peroxides in organic solvents. A tablespoon of XPell CE (approx 10 grams) is enough to prevent the formation of peroxides in a liter of solvent for six months. It is an inorganic material that is insoluble in solvents and therefore causes no contamination. XPell is a simple, effective and inexpensive solution.

80 grams (sufficient for treating up to 8 L of solvent)

Note: XPell CE works by converting reactive, explosive peroxides into nominally non-reactive alcohols that are not likely  to interfere with UV-VIS measurements, most analytical methods, and organic reactions and separations. For most solvents, the purity will remain high (impurities less than 0.1%) for over 12 months even with continuous exposure to oxygen and light. For many analytical uses, an open bottle containing XPell CE is expected to remain viable (impurities 100 ppm or less) for over two months or longer depending on the storage conditions. Given the non-reactive nature of the byproducts, many applications will be able to use the solvent protected with XPell CE for a much longer period of time. The user is encouraged to verify that the products generated from peroxide neutralization do not cause any interference with their chosen analytical method.


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