Quickly Test for Organic Peroxides Using XploSens PS

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


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XploSens PS test strips can identify the presence and semi-quantitatively measure the concentrations of organic peroxides in solvents. They provide a true one-step detection, unlike the peroxidase-based test strips, volatility is not important – the strip works in the solvent itself and the solvent need not evaporate.

The test strips react instantly with peroxides providing rapid, even and distinct color change. The color development is typically a function of the amount of peroxides present which at lower concentrations (around and below 50 ppm) may take a couple of minutes to be visible by the naked eye.

Please visit https://xplosafe.com/products/xplosens-ps for more information.

The test strips have been thoroughly tested with a wide range of organic solvents with no interferences encountered. Examples of tested solvents include ethers, alcohols, alkanes, aromatics, halocarbons. The strips work for ALL peroxide forming solvents and for aqueous peroxide solutions. The XploSens PS test reacts specifically with peroxides and we have not encountered the specific interferences and false results as demonstrated for the enzyme based test strips as an example to other oxidants, such as NaClO[i]. Thus, the color is very specific to peroxide being present.

XploSens peroxide test strips have been tested and work with cyclic ethers such as THF, Benzoyl peroxide 97% in tert-butyl methyl ether solution, Lauroyl peroxide 97% in tert-butyl methyl ether solution, Cumene hydroperoxide, tert-butyl hydroperoxide 70%. Please note that the XploSens PS test strips detects peroxides in the range of 50 ppm and higher for all the peroxide formers even the ones that are sold with stabilizers such as THF, ethers etc. Lower peroxide concentrations may take longer for the color to develop and show a weaker color change. Independent testing by Sandia National labs on the response to three organic peroxides (a) 2-hydroperoxy-2-methylpropane (A), (b) 2-hydroxyperoxy-2-((2-hydroperoxybutan-2-yl)peroxy)butane (B), and (c) 3,3’-peroxybis(pentane-2,4-dione), found that XploSens PS strips gave a distinct gradual coloration with the concentrations analyzed (the only tested commercial peroxide test strips to do so)[ii].

The XploSens PS test strips are developed for room temperature storage providing a longer 18 month shelf-life. Test strips are available for purchase here: https://xplosafe.com/products/xplosens-ps

If you need assistance with testing organic solvents or aqueous solutions for peroxides, or help with detecting, preventing and neutralizing peroxides, please reach out to us at sales@xplosafe.com. Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.

[i] Can Dip Strips Really Test for Peroxides in Organic Solvents Semiquantitatively? Accessed from: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.oprd.9b00321

[ii] Safe Handling of Potential Peroxide Forming Compounds and Their Corresponding Peroxide Yielded Derivatives. SANDIA REPORT, SAND2013-4794, Unlimited Release, Printed June 2013. Accessed from: https://prod-ng.sandia.gov/techlib-noauth/access-control.cgi/2013/134794.pdf

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