XploSafe’s Peroxide Safety Bundle

Peroxide Safety Made Easy

One-step peroxide detection and prevention for aqueous and organic solvents in one package. No special storage or handling needed. Contact us to place an order or for more information.

Product Information

More detail about the products available in the Peroxide Safety Bundle. Components of this bundle are available on Amazon, Grainger, and Sigma Aldrich, but this bundle and discount is only available directly through XploSafe. You will get XPell CE and 50 XploSens PS test strips for only $150, a savings of 14% compared to buying both individually on our site.

XploSens PS colorimetric test strips  can detect peroxides that have built up in solutions over time. They have a detection range of 0 – 500ppm and require no special handling or storage.

Product: XploSens PS, View: Testing 2

XploSens PS change color in seconds once dipped into your solution. No need to use water or wait minutes for them to dry. Compare the color change with the graph on the bottle to determine the severity of your buildup.

Product: Xplosens PS, View: Testing

XPell CE offers passive peroxide protection as well as neutralization. One tablespoon (approx. 10g) will treat up to one liter of solvent for up to six months.  XPell CE is inert and insoluble, so you do not have to worry about contaminating your solution.

Product: XPell CE, View: Pellets in lid

When the color of XPell CE changes to yellow, that is your cue to add more XPell CE into your solution to continue protection.

Product: XPell CE, View: Pellets
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