XploSafe gets $1 million DHP contract

The XploSafe team. Left to right: Dr. Allen Apblett (President of XploSafe & Professor of Chemistry at OSU), Shoaib Shaikh (Financial Operations Manager of XploSafe), Dr. Nick Materer (Chief Scientific Officer of XploSafe & Dept. Chair for Chemistry at OSU).

A Stillwater-based company is getting rewarded for its work with chemicals and chemical safety.

XploSafe was awarded a $1 million contract from the Department of Defense Health Program to “advance the development of chemical vapor sampling technology that documents Individual Longitudinal Exposure Records for service members in the form of wearable badges. This Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract is for two years.”

XploSafe is “a provider of critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. (Its) products protect people that deal with unstable and hazardous compounds.” Its solutions are manufactured its Stillwater facilities. 

Because military personnel are exposed to a wide range of potentially toxic compounds that may affect their health, it is crucial to monitor the exposure for a wide-range of gases, volatile and semi-volatile organics, according to a press release.

“The development of a universal passive dosimeter is crucial to safeguarding the health of military personnel and detecting emerging problems before they become critical,” said Dr. Allen Apblett, XploSafe President, in a press release. “The goal of this project is to develop and commercialize non-invasive, wearable passive dosimeters that will capture the widest range of analytes and facilitate highly economical exposure assessment.”

The Phase II work will include “conduct(ing) extensive operational field-testing and long-term stability testing. Test studies are planned to establish the utility of the dosimeter in real-world conditions,” the release states. The global demand for effective monitoring of individual exposure to hazardous vapors is “extensive.” 

Careers where chemical exposure is relevant and monitored include agricultural workers, emergency responders, plumbers, among others.

As a part of the contract, XploSafe plans to employ Oklahoma State University students who will gain, “industrial experience in analyzing dosimeter sampling media and assist with field tests.” Central Tech campuses in Drumright and Sapulpa as well as Stillwater’s Meridian Technology Center will serve as test partners.

“Our proprietary sampling technology will generate sustainable (or substantial) cost savings for the customers by the reduction in dosimeter types (based on target compounds) for industry standard solutions or by the decrease in cost analysis associated with the state of the art offerings.” said Shoaib Shaikh, XploSafe Financial Operations Manager in a press release. “The Phase II contract will result in an increase in employment of scientific and technical staff at XploSafe. It will also provide resources to expand operations and expedite the development of products that will be manufactured at our facility in Stillwater.”

Source: Stillwater News Press

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