XploSafe Wins Phase II NASA SBIR Contract For Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Control in Space Suits

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XploSafe Wins Phase II NASA SBIR Contract For Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Control in Space Suits

Stillwater, OK – 11 August 2023 – XploSafe today announced that they are now under a 2-year contract with NASA to advance vacuum regenerable sorbents for the removal of carbon dioxide and regulation of humidity in the next-generation of American-made space suits.

NASA’s Artemis missions are poised to take the next grand step in the advancement of space exploration by sending humans to the Moon and beyond. Success in this endeavor is predicated upon the adoption of new technologies related to air revitalization systems which perform such vital roles as carbon dioxide removal from the cabin atmosphere and subsequent oxygen recovery. The development is underway for the next generation of spacesuit called the Extra-Vehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU). XploSafe’s novel sorbent medias exhibit significant advantages including higher CO2 capacity and easier regeneration under vacuum.

XploSafe’s air filtration units allow for simple regeneration and longer service life, greatly enhancing NASA’s ability to achieve longstanding crewed deep-space exploration objectives” said Dr. Evgueni Kadossov, Principal Investigator and Research Scientist III at XploSafe. The XploSafe team is aiming to submit working prototypes to collaborators at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for testing within the first 12 months of the project.

The successful development of the XploSafe sorbent technology shall facilitate reduction in power draw, volume envelope, and mass while minimizing or eliminating requirements for astronaut maintenance while in space.

XploSafe, based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a provider of critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. Their XploSens explosives detection, XPell peroxide safety products, and XCel+ chemical vapor sampling badges are used by first responders, industrial safety officers, threat assessment officials, and laboratory and chemical manufacturing personnel all over the world. The company holds multiple patents for vapor nanoconfinement technology that facilitates high-capacity absorption, stabilization, and consistent recovery (removal) of a wide range of volatile, semi-volatile, and even reactive organic compounds.

For questions, please contact Shoaib Shaikh, Co-Founder and CEO, at Shoaib@XploSafe.com, or visit XploSafe online at www.XploSafe.com.

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