XploTrainK9 by XploSafe

Non-Detonable, Non-Hazardous Training Aids

Training aids made with pure explosives.

HMTD, TNT, PETN, RDX, TATP, and blanks available.

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Safe vapors, safe training, safe lives.

Canine officers and soldiers are a key safety factor at airports, train stations, stadiums, federal buildings, and in combat overseas. To train these magnificent animals to detect explosives, they need the most accurate non-lethal bomb materials they can safely encounter. 

We have revolutionized a way to compact the purest form of real, lethal, explosive vapors. XploTrainK9 is non-hazardous, non-detonable, and approved for nonhazardous transport by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

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Product Specifications


Contains highest quality of pure explosives.



Insensitive to impact, friction, and flame.


Individually sealed and vacuum packed.


Innovative, non-hazardous, and simple disposal included.

XploTrainK9 Benefits



Available in TATP, HMTD, RDX, PETN,
or TNT aids.




No requirement for additional tools
or accessories.

Police Dog Sniffing Bag

Perfect for initial imprinting and regular training.

Portable form factor reduces risk of
spillage or cross-contamination.



Reduces explosives safety hazard for canines and handlers.



Easy to place in any training environment.

XploTrainK9 is approved for nonhazardous transport by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

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