Badge and Tube Benefits

The XCel+ Passive Dosimeter Badge for Diffusive Air Monitoring 
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  • An all-in-one dosimeter badge, capable of providing OSHA and NIOSH compliance! 
  • The samplers have been validated to +/- 25% sampling equivalency.
  • Established for over 80 compounds making it the badge with the widest range of chemical analytes on the market!
  • Badges are worn in the breathing zone to enable specific chemical exposure profiles for each person, facilitating health monitoring, medical intervention, and safety compliance!
  • XCel+ samplers possess substantial capacity for both short and longer-term (minutes/hours or days/weeks) sampling efforts.
  • Samplers provide low limits of detection (low nanograms).
  • AiroTect’s patented Vapor Nanoconfinement Technology provides a mesoporous silica sorbent that is inorganic, has a high surface area (>600 m2/g), large pore volume, and very high thermal stability.
    • Upon heating the sorbent, there are no volatiles released and no chemical reactivity that degrades analyses.
    • There is no possibility of interference with GC/MS analyses.
  • Each badge contains three active samples and one blank allowing our lab to facilitate triplicate data or different analysis methods for each sample.
  • Badges take less than 15 seconds to open, activate, and begin collecting samples – no special training required!

Data Repository Platform

The All-in-one Exposure Assessment Tool
AiroTect Dashboard
AiroTect Dashboard

The Data Repository Platform is a field deployable cloud-based system that can be utilized in essentially any environment. Each passive diffusive sampler or TD tube buyer gains access to the DRP system upon their purchase. The DRP system can be used on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Using the DRP to evaluate samples provides the user direct access to analyzed and raw analytical data. Clients can utilize the built-in data selector to facilitate the development of departmental studies. All data analyzed by the DRP can be easily electronically uploaded to your preferred system via API. All interactions are saved within the backend of the system. This provides an easy-to-track chain of custody.

The DRP system is capable of performing scheduled or on-demand chemical exposure assessments. Users can leverage a network of AIHA certified labs for wider customer service. Labs can be completed internal or external to DoD. The DRP system provides total compliance and exploration of unknown threats. 

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