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XPell R

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XPell R provides a quick, effective and inexpensive means for neutralizing peroxide buildup in organic solvents.

Approx. 50 grams, protects up to 100 liters of solvent

XPell R features:

·         Safely neutralizes peroxide build up for less expansive disposal

·         Visual solution  – distinct blue color indicates the absence of peroxides

·         Simple and effective, does not require any additional materials/steps

·         No special handling, storage or disposal requirements


XPell R advantage:

·         Significant cost savings by eliminating peroxide hazard and disposal

·         Improved laboratory safety and prevention of peroxide related explosions/accidents

Weight: 0.15 lb

Dimensions: 1.5 in × 1.5 in × 3 in


Before disposal, add approximately .50g of XPell R for each liter of solvent. XPell R neutralizes peroxides present in the solvent and peroxides that form over time. The solvent should be free of peroxides as long as the immersed powder remains dark blue. A color change to a yellow/pale color indicates that the protection is exhausted. If this change occurs, add more powder to the solvent until the color of the additional powder remains dark blue.


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