Prevent, Detect, and Neutralize Peroxides in Solvents & Solutions

A wide range of organic compounds used in university research, biomedical laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and polymer synthesis can undergo autoxidation under normal storage conditions to form unstable and potentially dangerous peroxide by-products. Organic peroxides can be severe fire and explosion hazards. 

XploSafe provides a comprehensive suite of products for the detection, prevention and neutralization of peroxides.

Detect Peroxides with XploSens PS:

  • The test strips provide a true one step detection of organic and aqueous peroxides
  • Exhibit a long shelf-life (up to 18 months) and are designed for room temperature storage, making them an ideal solution for Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety teams
  • Provide a broad detection range (0-500 ppm)

xplosafe xpell ce chemical safety solutions

Prevent Peroxides with XPell CE:

  • Indicating pellets neutralize peroxides present in solutions and prevent future formation
  • The pellets are inert, non-contaminating, and improve the quality and usable life of solvents (major cost savings to users)
  • Exclusive indicating capabilities, requiring no special storage or handling, all coupled with a long shelf-life.

Neutralize Peroxides with XPell R:

  • Safely neutralizes peroxides, simple and effective – does not require any additional materials/steps
  • Results in significant cost savings from reducing hazard and disposal costs of peroxidized solvents.

If you need assistance with testing organic solvents or aqueous solutions for peroxides, or you need help with detecting, preventing, and/or neutralizing peroxides, please reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.

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